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Using traditional and analogue machinery,Ahadzadeh Production Group started itsactivities in the field of socks and despiteall the afflictions and tragedies in theeconomic situation and the labor marketof the country, it has done its best To keepthis collection going. Due to market demand and technologicaldevelopment in the textile industry andaccording to customer demands, thiscomplex expanded its activities in 2011and with a young and educated workforce,as well as employing new online marketingmethods, and the diligence, effort andperseverance of all active employees in thecomplex and given the expanding demandmarket and the variety of consumerdemand, this complex has increased itsproduction capacity by increasing thenumber of advanced knitting machines,Now a day, we Produce and supply almostall types of socks available in the homeand abroad. Through this site, one of the easiest andmost comfortable ways for wholesaleshopping of Patrice products is availableto you. Due to the design of this site,ordering will be done much faster.You cannow become a member of Patrice'scustomers and register your purchaseorder.

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Product name : Production Group Ahadzadeh

Brand: Patris

Registration Number: 283271

Date of Establishment: 1969

The main axis of activity: Production of socks

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